OPI Blue My Mind nail polish review and swatch

Emma November 3, 2011 1
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Today I ventured into the garden… this is not something I do everyday let me tell you and it’s also not something I enjoy. Well to top off having to the garden, I broke 4 nails in the process so decided that I’d have to console myself with a trip to my local nail shop.

I got a manicure and pedicure and for my manicure I went for a colour that I wouldn’t usually go for – OPI Blue My Mind nail polish. It’s a dark blue metallic nail polish – I’m not the hugest fan of metallic polishes and have been on a wee bit of a bright polish bender recently.

OPI Blue My Mind nail polish swatch

OPI Blue My Mind nail polish

The picture above is in daylight, but in the shade. You can see that OPI Blue My Mind nail polish is a very pretty metallic blue nail polish, the texture was a wee bit thin, so the finish was slightly streaky.

OPI Blue My Mind nail polish swatch

OPI Blue My Mind nail polish

This is a pretty polish, but I don’t think it’s one that I’ll be adding to my collection. It’s just not really me! However I wore this to work on Monday and got so many compliments on it, so it’s obviously got something going for it!

If you fancy a peek at the polish I chose for my nails, it was China Glaze Flyin High nail polish

You can buy OPI nail polish from Farmers in New Zealand

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