Despite my advancing years I really rather love a bit of nail art, so I’ve decided to share the love and start a weekly post showing you my attempts at nail art – the good and the bad!

So, in this my first nail art post here is a super-cute and super-easy purple and white polka manicure…

Purple and white polka dot manicure

Purple and white polka dot manicure

For the base colour I used two coats of Miki mini purple nail polish and for the wee white polka dots, I used a Sally Hansen nail art pen in white.

Purple and white polka dot manicure

Nib of Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

The Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens are so easy to use, if you want to try out some nail art for yourself, I highly recommend them! If you don’t have a nail art pen and don’t fancy buying one, you can create a decent polka dot manicure using a toothpick to dot on your polka dots.

Whether you’re using a nail art pen or brush or a toothpick, make sure that your base colour is completely dry before you add your polka dots. Also make sure that you use a top coat, as it helps to smooth the manicure for a perfectly glossy smooth finish.

You can buy Miki nail polish in pharmacies across New Zealand and you can buy Sally Hansen Nail Art pens from Farmers across New Zealand.

If you haven’t tried nail art yet, go on! Give it a try! This is a super easy manicure to try for your first time.